Ben Carson Watches Helplessly As His Campaign Falls Apart Before His Eyes

Ben Carson’s campaign began to implode when two of his top advisers abruptly resigned from his staff. Doug Watts and Barry Bennett left the campaign over the influence that right-wing radio host Armstrong Williams has over Carson, and the fact that Williams often acted like he was Carson’s main spokesman. Now, 20 of Carson’s staffers have followed Watts and Bennett out the door, which leaves Carson’s campaign in a shambles going into 2016.

The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries are in less than six weeks, and Carson will have to go through hell to pull things back together. One of the people who left was Carson’s deputy campaign manager, Lisa Coen, who said:

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I called him to tell him that we’d raised more money than any other Republican candidate again this quarter, that we’d even broken our own record from last quarter, but that my frustration level was boiling over and I thought that it would be best if I resigned and he found somebody else to run the campaign.

The 20 other staffers who quit did so amidst campaign turmoil, crumbling poll numbers and ongoing negative press. The final straw was when Williams set up an interview for Carson with the Washington Post, where Carson said that the campaign was a mess. Bennett said that was the dumbest thing he’d ever seen a candidate do.

Could this spell the end of Carson’s meteoric rise and fall from national prominence? Certainly anybody but Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be better than he is. Perhaps even those two would be better, but, well, actually, no, they wouldn’t. Even so, Ben Carson is so nutty he once said he believed that the pyramids of Egypt were built by Joseph for grain storage.

He also said that the way to stop illegal immigration was to teach Central and South America the agriculture business, something they already have a solid grip on. Besides that, he said that he knew China was active in Syria, and that his sources were better than those at the White House.

In other words, his campaign’s implosion might be painful to watch for those suffering from an abundance of empathy, not to mention whatever supporters he has left, but this is not a bad thing for the country. One less evangelical moron on the campaign trail is fantastic.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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