Ben Carson UNHINGED: Threatens To Leave Party If GOP Won’t Accept Lunatic Trump

Donald Trump still leads all Republican presidential candidates in preliminary polls, and even though his name has been dragged through the trash since shortly after beginning his campaign. And that doesn’t sit too well with the Republican National Committee.

But how the RNC sits on this subject sits worse with Ben Carson.

And on December 10, he released a statement that if the Republican Party tries to interfere with Trump’s campaign, Carson will leave the party, too, and maybe even run as an independent.

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RNC Chair Reince Preibus and other party elite met semi-secretly earlier this week, The Washington Post reported on December 10, and to discuss the Trump-associated negativity that’s tarnishing what little shine their party still has.

After all, The Donald has issued statements against Hispanics, women, African Americans, persons of the Jewish faith, and (now getting all the attention) Muslims, forcing party members to disassociate themselves from the same person who now leads their polls.

A possible plot, WaPo reported, would be to change the party nomination format to a brokered convention. There could be multiple vote cycles, delegates could wheel and deal on the convention floor to trade support – and Trump could then be kept out of the limelight even if he had the most delegates at the beginning of the convention.

When that news came out, though, it bothered Ben Carson, who is now tied for third place in search of the Republican Party’s nomination. In a statement released on the evening of December 10, Carson said:

If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning.

If this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replaces it with the will of the political elite, I assure you Donald Trump will not be the only one leaving the party. […]

If the powerful try to manipulate (the nomination process), the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next summer may be the last convention. I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald. But I will not sit by and watch a theft.

Does Carson mean he’ll run as an independent, though? Good question, and to which did Carson make reply with vague statements when speaking with press on December 11. Questioned by ABC News, he first said “I have no intentions of running as an independent, but I certainly don’t want to be a part of corruption.” When pressed for further details, he left it open, repeating “I’ll leave that up to you to speculate.”

Featured image clipped from ABC News video

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