Ben Carson: Teaching Central, South America ‘Ag Business’ Will Stop Illegal Immigration

After the most recent joke of a GOP debate, Ben Carson decided to tell reporters more about his immigration plan. He wants U.S. mega-corporations to go to Central and South America, teach them the “Ag business,” and make a profit for everyone. By “Ag business,” he means “agriculture,” something Central and South America clearly don’t have. The Raw Story reports that he also said:

The other thing that we have to keep in mind is we’re compassionate people. And you know, like in Cameroon right now, there are American companies over there who are helping to develop millions of acres [of] incredibly fertile land, growing record crops, getting big profits, which is great for them.

But at the same time, they’re building the infrastructure of that nation, creating jobs their and teaching them the Ag business so they carry on themselves. And at the same time, creating friends for the United States. There’s no reason we can’t do the same thing in other parts of the world, including Central and South America so people won’t feel a necessity to come here.

Yeah. We’re compassionate, so we’re going to use corporate imperialism to stop illegal immigration, and make tons of money for ourselves to boot.

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Ben Carson doesn’t know much about the rest of the world. South America is one of the world’s leading agricultural regions already; we don’t need to teach them the “Ag business.” They are full of commercial farms there, many of which are owned by one of the world’s bigger agriculture companies, Agria. This is not like sending manufacturing to Mexico when they didn’t have much manufacturing. U.S. agriculture companies likely already have a huge presence in South America alongside Agria, so Carson’s talking point here is beyond pointless.

As far as Central America, one of the problems there is the drug cartels. Teaching them agriculture? They know it, too. That won’t help with the cartels. They come to the U.S. in part because they’re trying to escape the rampant violence in their own countries. Carson’s ignorance on immigration to the U.S. from Central America is astounding, as is his ignorance of the problems in that part of the world. If he actually took some time to study the issue, he might figure out a better immigration plan.

He could also stand to study what NAFTA did to Mexico. When we started opening manufacturing plants in Mexico, and creating all those “wonderful” jobs, we didn’t enrich local economies. We destroyed them. There’s little reason to think that any economic takeover in any other country won’t result in the same thing (which would then result in even more immigration issues).

But that’s not Carson, and that’s not anybody from the GOP. Why study the issues and come up with real, viable plans when that would just result in plans that their idiot base and corporate cronies won’t like? That’s all this is. Don’t study the issues, just pander, pander, pander. Carson needs to get off the national stage (along with the rest of the GOP clown car) and make room for people who actually know what they’re talking about.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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