Ben Carson Says He’s Been Offered Housing Secretary Job, Because That’s Perfectly Logical (VIDEO)

What game is Donald Trump playing? Because really…this HAS to be a game. His cabinet picks so far look like something out of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” And, I think what he really meant by “Drain the Swamp” was that he was going to drain it of all logic because that is abundantly clear now that it looks like Dr. Ben Carson, you know – the millionaire neurosurgeon – is Trump’s choice for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Because that just makes perfect sense, right? Trump tweeted it out after a meeting with Carson at Trump Tower Tuesday afternoon.

His reasoning is because he “loves people?” Seriously?!

Carson had previously ruled out a job in Trump’s government citing his general obliviousness, but it appears that he’s now rethinking that because, in an interview with Fox News Tuesday night, Carson told Neil Cavuto that this offer was indeed on the table. Cavuto pointed out the obvious, that Carson is far from qualified. Watch Carson’s ridiculous explanation here:

Maybe Trump is saving the Surgeon General job for Chris Christie? That would make the same amount of sense.

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong

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