Ben Carson Reveals That Republicans Asked Him To Replace Speaker John Boehner

We all know that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is a big lying liar. So, when I saw an article about Carson revealing that members of the House asked him to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, I laughed out loud and thought he was lying — but, it turns out, he was telling the truth. Shocking.

The Hill reported on Thursday, that Carson said:

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They were looking for an alternative, they were looking for someone strong and courageous who might really be able to add some spine and some backbone. I was very flattered that there were several members that thought I’d fit the bill very well, but I think it played out correctly the way that it did.

Spine and backbone? Isn’t the same thing? Maybe it’s because of that whole stabbing someone in the belt buckle story….haha.

Apparently, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) confirmed to The Hill that he was part of three party members who asked the lunatic to replace Boehner. Carson claimed that he turned them down because of his aspirations to be President of the United States:

It would have been very difficult to do my job as the Speaker of the House while running for president. You’ve seen how difficult a time Sen. Rubio is having fulfilling his senatorial obligations. The Speaker of the House has even more obligations.

Carson acted like 150 lawmakers asked him to consider the position…there were only three. He can literally count on one hand the number of people who thought he had enough backbone to do the job. And the three who asked him must have been really, really desperate…or drunk.

Actually, drunk sounds like a more plausible excuse. Maybe they were chillin’ in a bar and Salmon looked at his bros and said,”Hey guys, You know what would really f*ck the country? Ben Carson. Let’s ask that guy to babysit us while we do nothing in the House.”

Seriously, I just can’t imagine in what world this guy would have ever been a good choice. With that hot temper of his, he may have spent his entire time on the Hill failing to stab people.

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