Ben Carson Proves That ‘GOP Brain Surgeon’ Is An Oxymoron–Gets Schooled By Wolf Blitzer (VIDEOS)

Ben Carson’s campaign has instituted an incredibly bold tactic for defending the idiocy that comes out of their candidate’s mouth. It seems that every time Ben Carson speaks, another incredibly misinformed, insensitive or just plain stupid sentence emerges. Rather than working out the Carson daily guffaw through press releases and statements, they’ve decided the best course of action is to put him in front of journalists like Wolf Blitzer, whose mission then becomes to direct the conversation to make him look even more inept.

That’s exactly what happened. Carson’s appearance on CNN Thursday didn’t offer any kind of insight into his thoughts, it only proved to further his inability to comprehend how things work. In this first video, Carson tries to re-explain what he meant when he stated that had he been at UCC, he would have rushed the gunman rather than just waiting to be killed:

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Apparently he meant he would have rushed the gunman rather than waiting to be killed.

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In this next segment, Carson talks about why the President isn’t black enough, what the debt ceiling means when you’re clueless and why foreign policy should be left to true experts like Sarah Palin.

The stupid is strong indeed:

If he does somehow take the nomination, we may need to make sure his degree isn’t colored with crayons on construction paper.

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