Ben Carson: Make Trump President Or Prepare For ‘Absolute Destruction’ Of The GOP

The journey from “presidential candidate” to “Donald Trump supporter” for Ben Carson has been a long and simple road that just about anyone could’ve predicted. He was a shill to begin with; nothing’s changed.

But now he’s gone from shill to prophet, and he predicted on Monday that if the Republican Party doesn’t nominate the Teflon Don for president in 2016, it would be facing “absolute destruction.”

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Huh. Is that a threat . . . or a promise?


Trump has picked up support from another former opponent, Ben Carson, who made an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday to issue a dire proclamation: if the GOP doesn’t hand the nomination over to Trump, they were looking at Armageddon.

“I can tell you this,” Carson said,  “If there are shenanigans, if it’s not straightforward, all of those millions of people that Donald Trump has brought into the arena are not going to stay there.”

He continued, saying the Republicans were “going to lose” and that “it’s going to be not only the presidency, but it’s going to be the Senate, and it could even be the House.”

He added that “it’s going to be absolute destruction.”

Carson then said Republican Party bosses would have to decide if “they are more concerned about maintaining control and their positions or are they more concerned about America” and “if they’re more concerned about America, they will not blow up a straightforward process. They will let the will of the people prevail.”

I still can’t decide if that’s a threat or a promise, but it’s pretty obvious Trump is getting the nod; the establishment doesn’t like Trump but they hate Cruz. I guess the election will boil down to how many of Sanders’ supporters are willing to vote for Clinton and how many of Clinton’s supporters would be willing to vote for Sanders. Because that, more than anything, is going to determine whether Trump gets elected.

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