Ben Carson Is A Hypocrite- Refuses To Release His College Records After Demanding Obama Release His

On Friday, Republican presidential candidate, Carson whined that he wasn’t being treated fair- that President Barack Obama never faced this kind of scrutiny. Has he bumped his head?

Carson demanded to know why they were so focused on his non-existent application and scholarship to West Point when they didn’t seem half as interested in President Obama’s supposedly “sealed” records from college. While interviewing Carson for his show, Meet The Press, Chris Jansing made a simple request.

I’d love to see your college records, would you like to release them?

What did Carson do? Deflect in true Republican form.He said that they should  only ask if there were any doubts that he was intentionally hiding anything, like he believes President Obama is. I guess we’ll take that as a no from Carson.

In 2014, Carson was featured on Alan Colmes’ radio talk show where he defended birtherism. Carson said Obama should release all of his records because having past records exposed was “reasonable” if someone is running for office. He said that is he didn’t want people to be suspicious of him, he should just comply. Hmm- maybe Carson should take his own advice.

Carson even went on to  suggest that if President Obama didn’t want people to thinking he was a Muslim, he should disclose all of his records. Apparently releasing both versions of his birth certificate wasn’t enough.

Ben Carson needs a reality check. President Obama was and continues to be harassed about completely irrelevant issues. Obama continues to deal with accusations of being a secret Muslim, the anti-Christ, and Kenyan-born. Seems pretty pathetic that Ben Carson is whining about being asked to cough up proof that he didn’t fail America 101 — especially after he was caught in several lies.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore


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