Ben Carson Explains That Man Got To The Moon Because Of Jesus Power (VIDEO)

Dr. Ben Carson is making a bit of a name for himself. Whether it’s claiming that the Pyramids at Giza were built to store grain, addiction is the result of political correctness, or his questionable grasp of American history, Carson is fast becoming a(n even bigger) font for right-wing crazy.

We can add a new one to that list now: according to Carson, America only made it to the moon because of Jesus Power.

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“Now I want you to think about something.”

With that statement, Carson begins one of the stupidest things he’s said yet.

In a video published by the Adventist News Network, Carson claims that the only reason man got to the Moon was because of God — even though there’s a stronger case to be made we got there because of the Nazis (not that I can tell the difference between the right-wing Christian interpretation god and Hitler; both are paranoid fascists who want to kill Jews in large numbers).

It also comes wrapped up with some of the “America is special” garbage that this branch of the right-wing is notorious for, as well. He begins by imploring his audience to do something he clearly did not do — “to think” — and then dives right into the stupidity:

Now I want you to think about something. This nation has had a profound effect on the world. Before the United States of America came on the scene, for 100 years, 200 years, a 1,000 years, 3,000 years, people did things the same way… within 200 years of the advent of this nation, which believed in God, men were walking on the moon. Completely revolutionized and changed the world because a nation was willing to acknowledge God.

Do you hear that? The thousands of years of Christianity before this don’t matter. They weren’t real Christians. And NASA? Well, NASA was too busy inventing the global warming conspiracy to get us to the Moon.

Carson also claimed the that United States is founded on God, and then cited the Declaration of Independence as proof:

Here’s what is also fascinating. This nation — the United States of America — one of the few nations in history to claim God in their founding documents — we talk about in our Declaration of Independence certain inalienable rights given to us by our Creator, every one of our coins, every one of our bills says ‘In God We Trust’

The Declaration of Independence is legal toilet paper. Point blank. End of story. It’s a break up note to King George in which we air our grievances, and means nothing in the context of American law today.

The idea that the United States is one of the “few nations in history to claim God” in a founding document is just wrong in every way. Not only is God nowhere to be found in the core of our legal system — the Constitution — but every king in European history that I’m aware of has claimed the divine right of kings to rule. That’s not “a few nations” by any measure, that’s almost every nation in European history.

Watch the video below:

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