Ben Carson Can’t Produce An Accurate U.S. Map (IMAGES)

Remember all the giggles from 2008 when we found out Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country and not a continent? Prepare yourself for more laughs of a geographic theme: Ben Carson’s campaign can’t produce an accurate map of the United States.

On the evening of November 17, @RealBenCarson tweeted a message supporting the xenophobic Republicans who don’t want Syrian refugees to come to their states. “I’m standing with the 31 governors that (sic) are working to keep our nation safe.”

The tweet included a U.S. map image that highlighted those particular states – but it’s a map you won’t find in any atlas. Here it is:

carson tweet A1

See the northeast coastline in the image? Massachusetts moved north while Maine and New Hampshire got stretched out into Canada. Connecticut merged with Vermont; that combo also moved, as did Rhode Island. Virginia lost territory to Maryland, too. Here’s a close-up:

carson tweet B2

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The same guy who can’t produce an accurate map of the United States wants to be president of the United States.

The tweet was deleted on November 18 and was also removed from Carson’s Facebook page, but not before The Washington Post snagged an image of that message.

Making the foolishness (okay, stupidity) stand out even more, this map mistake took place right in the middle of Geography Awareness Week. National Geographic initiated this holiday, promoted from November 15 to 21, specifically to improve topographical knowledge around the world.

But if this ignorance from Carson and his campaign staff weren’t enough of a question all by itself, a bigger one would be: where the hell did they get such a flawed map? The likelihood of a graphic-producing company making such a mistake is rather slim, wouldn’t you think? And that might mean that the campaign made its own map, or maybe messed around with a graphic program that allowed it to change that map.

Either way and no matter what the circumstance, it’s now even more obvious that Carson is highly unqualified to be president of this country – especially when he can’t produce an accurate map of this country.

Featured image by Donkey Hotey via Flickr

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