Ben Carson Botching His Debate Entrance Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day (VIDEO)

Well it was Ben Carson’s moment to come out strong after a painful fourth place finish in Iowa and… he blew it spectacularly.

During Saturday’s debate, Carson was meant to walk out after his name was called, but instead either didn’t understand or didn’t hear. The result may go down in history as one of the most cringe worthy segments of live television in American politics.

What’s perhaps funniest of all here is that Carson’s failure resulted not only in his standing awkwardly behind the stage while the stagehands desperately tried to get him to come out, but that by going “rogue,” he screwed up the rest of the candidates immediately after. Donald Trump fares the worst. He winds up standing directly next to Carson – missing his own cue to come out as well. A very confused looking Jeb Bush follows. A hilariously and crystal clear symbol of the Republican Party’s current crop of wannabes.


There are many Trump supporters who tried to excuse their candidate’s embarrassing moment by suggesting that he stood next to Carson “in sympathy.” But seriously, does anyone actually buy that?

Let’s consider an alternative:

Donald Trump, whether he’s aware of it or not, craves attention so badly that he has a finally tuned instinct to sniff out when a camera is rolling. Sensing that Carson was getting several minutes of free, albeit embarrassing, footage without him, his body wouldn’t allow him to walk out of the shot. Instead, he stood there – right next to Carson – looking like a doofus for the whole world to see.

But hey, I guess both candidates were better off than poor Gov. Kasich – the ABC commentators forgot to announce him entirely.

Welcome to the Republican Party in 2016, folks.

Feature image via YouTube


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