Ben Carson: An Intellectual Slave to His Conservative Masters (Op-Ed)

Whoever performed the lobotomy on the real Dr. Ben Carson needs to be hunted down and arrested. As brilliant as he was as a pediatric neurosurgeon, he has managed to devolve into an equally ridiculous intellectual slave to conservatism. He has proven to all that have viewed his fall from “intellectual” grace that brilliance in one profession does not necessarily translate to another. His recent article in USA Today only confirms that the man many of us revered no longer exists.

In that article, Carson attempts to lecture #BlackLivesMatter about “anger” incorrectly targeted at Bernie Sanders. First, let me assure you that Ben Carson has no concern whatsoever with the political well-being of Bernie Sanders. This is merely a bit of rhetorical Ju-Jitsu to capture the attention of those progressives upset with #BlackLivesMatter’s intense focus on the Senator in hopes that we would continue to listen to him.

Everything that followed in the article, however, was taken directly from the Handbook of Conservative Propaganda, Chapter 8: “Be Sure to Say Black People Live on the Plantation of the Democrats: That Will Get ’em.” Yes, Dr. Carson. We’ve read that chapter and debunked it already. You, like Steven A. Smith, are simply late to class.

In his article, Carson repeatedly insults the intelligence of African-Americans, suggesting that we simply need to break free from liberalism and hear his “solutions.” And if we are properly educated, then “of course” we’d come over to conservatism. The problem is, whenever we hear Ben Carson speak, we don’t hear anything original, substantive, or meaningful. All we hear are the overly simplistic, conservative talking points that successfully stokes the anger and bigotry of millions of poor, white conservatives leading them to vote against their economic best interests.

We have yet to hear any original thoughts from Carson that would stimulate new concepts and ideas in the minds of thinking people. However, it works perfectly fine on angry conservatives.

There is nothing novel about Ben Carson’s social or economic positions. The only thing novel is that they are being espoused by a Black man that was formerly a Democrat. Nothing moves you to the top of conservatism quicker than being a black person willing to say the things white conservatives want to say but cannot.

But worse than that, Carson honestly believes he has found the Rosetta Stone of political and economic solutions inside of the same broken conservative talking points that have been circulated so incessantly that they can be identified and dismantled in 140 characters or less. He brings nothing new to the table except the ostensible intelligence that the title, Neurosurgeon, imbues. And with his latest “thought piece” in USA Today, we can argue that his intelligence has been sacrificed on the altar of conservatism. The brilliant Dr. Ben Carson we once knew has been sold into the intellectual slavery of modern-day Conservatism that is now a litmus test for office.

Emphasis is placed on “modern-day Conservatism” because the drivel of the likes of Carson, Cruz, Walker, et. al, does not measure up to their intellectual precursors. Without question, Goldwater and Buckley would relegate most modern conservatives into the realm of buffoons, extremists, and knaves. Yet, Carson drudges around the country lecturing progressive African Americans with the same unfounded, untruthful, and intellectually lazy rhetoric as Rush Limbaugh as though we are simply not educated enough to realize that–despite the effects of trickle-down economics, a broken property tax school funding paradigm, systemic racism in housing, employment, and policing–the only problems for Blacks in America are liberalism and bad morals.

I originally wrote this response as a point-by-point rebuttal to every paragraph in his article because I like to address the merits of someone’s accusations. But since I found nothing meritorious in Carson’s entire piece,  I offer this response from activist Deray McKessen:

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