Ben Carson: America’s Favorite Half-Term Former Governor Sarah Palin Is On Trump’s VP List

So, if you were to label just one mistake from 2008, what would it be? If you thought “Sarah Palin,” you are not on the same page as Donald Trump, who, according to Ben Carson in an interview with the Washington Postis seriously considering Palin as a potential running mate.

Learning from history

There are logical reasons Palin would be on Trump’s VP list: Palin has been worshiping at the alter of Trump since he first announced his bid, and Trump has come out and said he’d consider a place for Palin in his administration.

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And then, just recently, Palin announced that she was ready to accept the VP nomination. She would go on to point out that she wouldn’t be the best choice — because understatements are something all the cool kids are doing — and noted that people were saying “anyone but Palin.”

But Trump might not feel that way. Trump even went so far as to call Palin a “very special person” during her . . . bizarre endorsement speech:


But it’s not just Palin on the list.

This nomenclatura, according to Carson, also includes John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Chris Christie, all of whom are former challengers. So take your pick — do you like a Trump/Palin ticket or a Trump/Cruz ticket?

Carson recently stepped away from the selection committee that was tasked with finding Trump’s running mate. According to Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager:

What Trump wanted from Carson were names of who he would recommend for a potential candidate. He was among several other people making recommendations.

The Donald’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is reportedly heading up the search for a running mate.

Sure, why not. Let’s give Palin a chance. Trump/Palin, everyone. Because there’s always a way to make the problem worse.

UPDATE: After widespread mockery, Trump disavowed Ben Carson’s list of potential VPs, although only named Rubio as definitely not on the list.

Feature image via Sarah Palin Internet TV screen capture

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