Ben ‘Captain Obvious’ Carson: I Don’t See Myself As President

The GOP debate opens up with what seems like an easy question…not for Republicans!

When the candidates were asked for their biggest weakness, Ben Carson states that his weakness is not seeing himself as President.

Seriously?! Then why are you RUNNING!!!

I’m not that surprised though. Just recently he mentioned that he had other things he’d rather do…like crack open a book that he’s been meaning to read. Hmm…Might I suggest Anne Frank?

Ben Carson is a waste of votes!! People don’t just wake up and and decide to run a country. Well, no sane person, anyway.  And with Ben Carson recently admitting to a violent past and wanting to stab people… I’d say he fits that bill. Because he’s either a psychopath or a compulsive liar.

Even though I feel Ben Carson is a complete moron. I feel the question was somewhat unfair. With so many weaknesses… how could he possibly pick just one?


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