Obnoxious Fox Pundit Flips Off Even More Loathsome Co-Host (Video)

Even by Fox News’ debased standards, The Five‘s Bob Beckel and Jesse Watters come across as especially loathsome and obnoxious. It all depends on what you find more detestable: A faux liberal like Beckel making racist remarks and challenging his cohost to a fight on the air, or a cruel and manipulative jerk like Watters ambushing Hillary Clinton at a book signing and asking her to inscribe a copy to her deceased friend Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Huffington Post reports Beckel ditched even the flimsiest pretense of civility on Thursdays edition of The Five, when he flipped Watters the bird on the air. Some may prefer this to Beckel threatening to kick Watters’ scrawny @ss, but… it’s 5:00 p.m. and the kids are in the room, for Pete’s sake!

As Watters and Beckel hotly debated the elections and whether Democrats overplayed the race card, things devolved into a p*ssing match. Even Foxy Newsbot Kimberly Guilfoyle’s oily praise of how totally-not-racist we’ve become did nothing to smooth troubled waters.

Watters demanded:

“Were there any white Democrats denouncing their rhetoric? I didn’t hear any. So they’re okay with it.”

To which Beckel snapped, “I’m denouncing it.” Watters then stated the obvious:

“Yeah, but you’re not a leader.”

Instead of feeling grateful that Watters didn’t expose him as Fox’s fake liberal straw man, Beckel flipped him

Watch Beckel flip Watters off on national TV.

Here’s the disgraceful exchange in which Beckel and Watters attack each other, and Beckel flips Watters off on national television. Thanks Obama.


Featured image: Video screen grab/The Five.

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