Batsh*t Crazy Michele Bachmann Is Mad…And She’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

Michele Bachmann is a nutbar. She is credited with saying some of the dumbest, most ignorant things in political history. Now, more than a year after leaving congress, Bachmann has decided it’s time to clear up her “good name” and fight back against the evils of YouTube and the people who consistently poke fun at her hilariously insane career as a United States Congresswoman.

An article in WND, conservative home to numbskull conspiracy theorists and perpetual anti-Obama propaganda machine, says that Bachmann is awfully upset about one particular statement, one of the most famous attributed to her, was taken not just out of context but derived from thin air. She says she never said that President Obama was the antichrist. She told WND:

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Barack Obama’s legacy is the establishment of lawlessness in the United States. He has deeply damaged both the American and global economies. He has deliberately stoked hatred between people based upon the color of their skin.

In fact it is difficult to identify any positive legacy he will leave the American people. That being said, I do not believe Obama is the Antichrist.

Well that’s a relief. Everyone knows when Michele Bachmann speaks, people take her seriously. Rumor has it a delegation of pure souls has been on the hunt for thirteen magical daggers to kill the president with since the story broke. That story, according to WND, was concocted by Raw Story and picked up by the liberal blogosphere to discredit the good name of a woman who once said that there is no scientific evidence that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.

A little investigating reveals that while Bachmann may have never used the word “antichrist,” she has made several correlations between President Obama and the end times described in the biblical book of Revelations, creating in the very least the assumption that she was referring to him as the beast who would destroy the world with a 666 behind his ear.

Bachmann isn’t exactly well-known for making sane, rational statements. In this very article, where she claims she is misrepresented and improperly quoted, she said:

I think President Obama has done more to hurt our nation than any other American president in our nation’s history. He changed world history by enabling Iran, the world’s chief sponsor of anti-Israel/anti-American terrorism, to quickly get a nuclear bomb and the means to deliver it to the U.S.

See, here’s the problem. When you say something that stupid, people are going to call you names. President Obama has seen to it that Iran hand over all of its weapons-grade uranium, closed its heavy water reactor, eliminating another source of possible material, and reduced its enrichment capabilities to that of the physics department at your local university. When that translates to “enabling Iran…to quickly get a nuclear bomb,” people may stop taking you seriously.

Not exactly a difficult feat where Bachmann is concerned.

There’s no mention of exactly what steps other than whining and complaining and saying “nuh uh” Bachmann is taking to clear her name, but much like everything she’s tried to accomplish in life, she’ll fail.

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