Baseball Fans Chant ‘4 More Years’ At President Obama and Conservatives Lose Their Minds (IMAGES)

President Obama made a surprise appearance at the annual congressional baseball game last Thursday, and he had to be feeling the love from Democratic fans in the stands.

The Hill reports that Obama arrived at the game, which was played at Nationals Park in Washington, during the third inning. He started out in the Democrats’ dugout, then crossed the field to the Republican side. As he walked from one dugout to the other, fans in the Democrats’ section began chanting “Four more years!” That chant has caused the most recent spate of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

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John S. Roberts, writing at Young Conservatives, felt the need to remind Democrats that the 22nd Amendment prohibits President Obama from seeking another term. Thanks John, but we knew that. That chant was just a joke, dude! Well, ok, maybe we were a little bit serious. But we know he can’t run again, and he probably doesn’t want to. Hell, if your name was Barack Obama, would YOU want to run for another term, after all the crap that you have had to put up with?

Commenters on Roberts’ article definitely took him seriously, though. The genius who was first to the party, “there’s you,” repeated Roberts’ reminder about term limits.

User reminds everyone about term limits.

That comment was followed by this one.


And this one.


“Mitch’s” comment set off a flurry of “me too-ism,” where conservatives proved that some of them, at least, can count. By the time the thread got to the 16th “me too” or so, everyone seemed to get bored, and it petered out.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a comment thread on a right-wing site without a thinly veiled threat on the president’s life. This was squeezed in amongst the “me too’s.”


One guy thinks that President Obama will break the string of consecutive peaceful transfers of power in the United States that goes all the way back to George Washington. Dude, if Dick Cheney left willingly…

Bob Salem

That was the sane part of the comments. The next comment elicited a string of “I know you are, but what am I?” remarks. Yes, two people who are supposedly adults went back and forth in a string of comments that seemed to be centered around the challenge of seeing who could recall the most playground insults from third grade.

Then there’s “frankmalvern,” who really should avoid squirrels.


Well, “frankmalvern,” I’m pretty sure it won’t happen with Obama. Although it wouldn’t totally be without precedent, I suppose. There was this Republican mayor named Rudy Giuliani who wanted to stay on after the end of his term…

Here’s the deal.

Right wing fantasies about “Barack Obama, president for life” have been around pretty much ever since he was elected. At or about noon on January 20, 2017, Barack Obama will turn over power to whoever is elected in November 2016, just as every one of his predecessors has done. How sure am I of that? I’m sure enough to put my money where my mouth is.

I have offered this deal several times over the past few years, and I am going to offer it one more time, if there are any conservatives who read this and want to take me up on it. This deal is open to the first person to respond to it. Here are the terms:

I will have a legally binding contract drawn up, and I will place in an escrow account the sum of $10,000. You must put into that escrow account the sum of $1,000. If Barack Obama doesn’t leave office as prescribed by the constitution, you get my $10,000. If he does, I get your $1,000. You’re so sure he’s going to take over the country and make himself a dictator? Put up or shut up. You can contact me via the Facebook link below.

In the meantime, stop posting this paranoid nonsense. Seriously.

Featured image via Fristle/Wikimedia Commons

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