Barbra Streisand: Trump Is ‘Terrifyingly Scary’ – Endorses Hillary

Barbra Streisand has been a lifelong outspoken Democrat. I suppose it’s not surprising that she is not a fan of Donald Trump, loves President Obama and wants Hillary Clinton to be president.

Streisand was visiting the White House on Tuesday to receive the Medal of Freedom. While she clearly is not a Trump supporter, she does think a presidential matchup between him and Hillary Clinton would be “one of the greatest moments in television history.”

Everybody would watch. I can’t even imagine. I mean, I’m not worried about her.

Her interest in Trump, though, is purely for entertainment value. She says his presidency would be “terrifyingly scary.”

What if that was Donald Trump up there, I couldn’t help but think, ‘what would he say?’ The president [Obama] is so eloquent, so dignified…I probably would’ve choked. It’s terrifyingly scary, but it’s funny. But scary.

As for who she does support, well, that’s pretty simple, she wants Hillary.

I want Hillary Clinton to be president. We need a woman president, we need compassion, we need to have a person who comes from the heart.

Streisand isn’t the only celebrity who is endorsing Clinton. Her supporters include Stephen Spielberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Anthony Weiner, Beyonce, Sting, Leonardo di Caprio, fashion designer Kenneth Cole, Glenn Close, Anna Wintour, country singer Tobey McGuire, Tony Bennett, Chris Colfer, Olivia Wilde, the Olsen twins, Bryan Cranston, Ben Affleck and Steven Bochco – all of whom have donated within the legal limit.

Bernie Sanders also has his share of artists and musicians, including Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Killer Mike, Will Ferrell, Margaret Chow, Steve Earle, Anthony Kiedis, Juliette Lewis, Patton Oswald, Jeremy Piven, Bonnie Raitt, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Sarah Silverman, Wil Wheaton and many more. Unfortunately for Bernie, even among private donors, Hillary is out fundraising him by more than three to one.

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