Barbara Streisand Just Turned Donald Trump Into Nothing But A Hilarious Punchline (VIDEO)

Poor Donald. He’s been getting hit from every angle. The latest comes from liberal icon Barbara Streisand.

Oh, Babs…how we love you. For decades you’ve been a proponent of peace; an ambassador of good will and a philanthropist for the ages. You’ve worked all over the world to better the lives of the sick and hungry, particularly children. You are as wonderful as you are colorblind.

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At a recent concert, Streisand took that fabulous reputation and amazing voice and used it for a beautiful dual purpose: educating the crowd about how people are all similar and hammering it home with a brutal jab at Donald Trump:

She may have exaggerated his place on the evolutionary ladder just a bit, but that’s OK, the point was well made. How long will it be before Trump figures out a famous liberal — a woman no less — made a complete fool of him in public and that there’s an awesome video of it circulating online? Guess we’ll just have to watch Twitter and find out. Odds are it won’t be long.

Featured image by Steve Jenning/Getty Images

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