Barack Obama Gets Into The Spirit To ‘Sing’ Hotline Bling (VIDEO)

It’s been a tough year. President Obama has had to watch Americans die at each others’ hands, simply because too many people think guns are more important than lives. Not only that, Republicans have taken more than their recommended yearly dose of a**hole and unloading a boatload of it onto him.

So, like many of us, to relieve stress, the President sings and when he doesn’t actually sing, we imagine him singing, like Baracksdubs did with Hotline Bling by Drake. No, the President didn’t actually sing the song, but the words are all his and the dubbing is perfect. Sit back for a minute and forty two seconds and enjoy. Everyone needs a break now and then.

Of course, we all know that Obama has some singing chops. Hopefully, he’ll show us some of those before the holidays are over. Until then, though, enjoy:

Featured image via video screen capture. 



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