Baker Angry Over Mississippi’s New Anti-LGBT Law Gives Her Anti-Gay Governor An Earful (VIDEO)

Mississippi joined North Carolina recently as the newest states to attempt to circumvent court rulings on civil rights for LGBT Americans under the guise of “religious freedom.” In Mississippi the new law is titled the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act.” Like other laws of its kind it grants an “out” to anyone who refuses service to gay or transgender citizens due to religious objections. Of course one of the examples of a “religious objection” that has been used over and over is the baker who refuses to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. Now one Mississippi baker has heard enough.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant ought to be at least somewhat familiar with Biloxi baker Jennifer Noble. After all, she baked the cake for Bryant’s inauguration. Her Facebook page has a picture of her, standing next to a beaming Bryant, his cake partially visible in the corner of the shot. Bryant may have been all smiles on that day, but he probably isn’t smiling now, after Noble posted this:

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Jennifer Noble

Noble makes it clear to Bryant in the post that she is open for anybody’s business, which is exactly how it should be. Businesses make extensive use of public infrastructure, everything from the power grid to the roads and sidewalks that allow customers access, and allow businesses to get their products to market. But somehow all of that seems lost on people like Phil Bryant.

Mississippi has been taking a lot of heat for the new law in recent days. Singer Bryan Adams cancelled a planned concert in the state, and made it clear that the anti-LGBT law was why. A group of international corporations, led by the likes of Coca Cola and Intel have objected to the law. It was pressure from big business that convinced Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal to veto his state’s version of the law, but apparently Bryant, like his counterpart in North Carolina, Pat McCrory, isn’t that smart.

On Monday Bryant defended the law, saying that people who are objecting to it don’t understand it. Like North Carolina, Mississippi’s Attorney General is a Democrat, Jim Hood. But unlike in North Carolina, where Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper says he won’t defend the law in court, Hood says that while he doesn’t like the Mississippi law, it is his job to defend it. Hood also agrees with Bryant that the law is “misunderstood.”

It’s easy to play to the home audience and say that “outsiders” just don’t get what you’re doing. But Mississippian Jennifer Noble gets it, and it’s clear that she doesn’t like it at all.

Here’s a report on Bryant’s and Hood’s defense of the law, via WAPT:


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