Bakari Sellers Schools GOPer On Why Supporting Trump Means Supporting A Bigot (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s supporters have been feverishly latching onto Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment that referenced the obvious appeal to bigotry that Trump has been peddling. However, the thing is, many of Trump’s supporters are bigots, and Trump himself has a long history of bigotry. Of course, the topic came up on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.

Tennessee Rep. Diane Black (R- of course) took the opportunity to slam Hillary’s message, but Sellers was ready to push back. Rep. Black began:

“I think for presidential candidates, they need to get away from this name-calling on both sides. This is about teaching our children and our grandchildren on how to act. Of how to have healthy relationship with other people who disagree with you.”

Sellers responded:

“I don’t have much respect for bigots, for misogynists, for xenophobes. For him to embrace that at certain points — I was backstage, on set, when Jake Tapper asked him multiple times about David Duke, and he embraced that. He did not repudiate that.

There’s a certain point when you have to take some leadership and say that is not what this country is built upon,” he continued. “The people who wear Confederate flag T-shirts at the rallies and say ‘let’s make America great again’? That petrifies me. It literally petrifies me, because that is not what our country is about.”

Sellers went on to make the ultimate, and oh-so-true charge that supporting Trump means you’re okay with supporting bigotry:

“Not all Donald Trump supporters are bigots. Not all of them, by any stretch. However, they do have to be okay with supporting a bigot.”

The thing is, Sellers is right. Hillary, while many believe the comment to have been a gaffe, was right as well. Donald Trump’s appeals to bigotry have brought racism, sexism, xenophobia, and all manner of bigotry into the limelight. People who used to be on the fringe have been given a national microphone to do as they please and bring these horrific ideas into the mainstream.

Like it or not, Trump supporters who aren’t bigots, you’re supporting a bigot. You are. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts, about that. White nationalism has effectively taken over the GOP with Trump as its standard-bearer, and to support the GOP and Donald Trump is to support a movement that mainstreams bigotry.

Watch the exchange below:

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Featured image via video screen capture

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