#BabiesForBernie Is The Cutest Trend Of This Election Season (IMAGES)

As the primary races heat up, Republicans fight and the media tries to figure out who won the damn Democratic debate, parents have found a creative way to show the world who they support — and the Bernie Sanders’ campaign just gained some unlikely, tiny (literally!) supporters.

Ashira Siegel, shared a picture in August, of her son photoshopped to look like the Democratic presidential candidate and she hastagged it #BabiesForBernie:

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Here he is:

Picture via Twitter

Picture via Twitter

Other parents soon started posting pictures of their babies and toddlers dressed up like Sanders too and posting them on social media sites:



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If you aren’t smiling right now, you are either not human OR you’re mad that the babies don’t want to dress up like Ben Carson.

When Ashira Siegel was asked by ABC News why she initiated the trend, she explained that it was just a way to start a conversation:

Our kids are the future, and Bernie becoming president is going to affect them the most.

Whether you are a Hillary fan or a Bernie fan, you have to admit that this was a pretty creative way to open a dialog about some of the serious issues facing our country.

Obviously these babies aren’t going to be voting in the 2016 election, but if we can get people amped up to vote, that’s an awesome thing.

What would be even better is if people who don’t usually vote, see this and start asking questions. Maybe we can get some of our anti-voting hipsters off of their butts and to the polls next year, because the tiny humans told them to.

Featured image via Instagram

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