Awkward Much? Gov Christie May Have To Beg ‘Feckless Weakling’ Obama For Money…AGAIN

In case you’ve been living under a rock without wi-fi or in a warm and sunny place (I hate you!), the mid-Atlantic was slammed with a monster blizzard. A little over 25 inches fell in New York, and New Jersey, which always has to be in competition with New York, saw almost 30 inches fall in the Garden State. So much snow in New Jersey that it actually forced Christie to return from his little fantasy of becoming president and pretend to give a crap about Jersey residents out of political expediency.

No word yet if he had to shut down a bridge for legitimate reasons.

Chris Christie had angered many Republicans when he worked with President Obama following Superstorm Sandy. Moreover, these soulless scumbags actually accused him of helping President Obama win reelection by working with Obama. Yeah, not so much that the party nominated a crappy Christmas sweater that nobody liked, but rather federal and state agencies coming together after a devastating storm. Christie only cares about Christie and only worked with President Obama to assure his own re-election, as well as burnish a faux image of sturdy leadership come 2016. In any case, he’s been using every GOP insane clown posse debate to slam President Obama–and quite harshly too. Calling President Obama a ‘feckless weakling’ was the most caustic insult yet.

But now that New Jersey fell prey to another massive storm, Gov. Soprano might have to go crawling back to Obama. Can you say awkward?

Given the strength of the storm, there’s a possibility of Christie having to ask President Obama for some federal money to help with clean-up. This is a normal function of government and not remotely contentious, or it was until teabaggers came into existence. Even though Christie has as much chance of becoming president as Steven Seagal winning an Oscar, you can bet his 2016 GOP opponents giving him hell should Christie be forced to do so. Welcome to the new world of petty and insane Republican politics.


Featured image via Flickr/Marc Nozell

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