Aussies Slam Trump So Hard In This Hysterical Ad It was Banned In The US (VIDEO)

If the five-alarm dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump campaign has done anything positive, it’s the limitless comedy fodder that this Cheeto tan in a can has produced. His never-ending gaffes and complete and utter lack of any knowledge of world politics and current affairs, particularly with regards to Brexit, has made him the laughingstock of Twitter. 

Apparently, it’s not just the fine people of Scotland having a grand old time ripping Trump. It seems Australian is also joining the fun.  Indeed, the world appears to be united in its mocking of Trump. 

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A parody advertisement for new sports camera “360fly” was created by an Australian duo who said they took a page out of Trump’s playbook when creating the clip. The ad, which all major American networks have refused to air, pontificates humorously on a dire future if Donald Trump is elected as president.

Do something controversial, do something stupid and let the media drive it, 360fly CEO Peter Adderton told 7 News.

Winning formula, Adderton!

In the commercial, the 360fly action camera follows a Trump impersonator’s erratic lifestyle to show it can keep up with just about anything, including the notorious wall Trump promises to build.

Watch the hysterical ad below:


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