Attention Gary Johnson Voters: Your Candidate Just Admitted He’s A Moron On National TV (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine a presidential candidate having a worse week than Donald Trump, but here we have Gary Johnson. The Libertarian candidate has a modest following thanks to the backlash against the two major parties, but it’s clear that Johnson himself absolutely does not deserve anyone’s support.

The guy, to put it in small words that even Johnson might understand, is very stupid.

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But don’t take my word for it, just ask Johnson, who sat down with MSNBC to argue that his own proven track record of profound ignorance should be considered an asset. Johnson’s reasoning? He’s too stupid to know how to start a war.

“We wonder why our men and service women suffer from PSD [sic] in the first place? It’s because we elect people who can dot the I’s and cross the T’s on these name and geographic locations, as opposed to the underlying philosophy which is let’s stop getting into these regime changes!”

America needs to stop electing people who know things and can name places because only bookish nerds who know places like “Aleppo” and what that city means for geopolitics would ever think to send troops there. Johnson wouldn’t start any wars. He’d be too busy trying to crack open his TV to see if there are tiny people living in there.

But before we fall into the trap of believing Johnson’s idiocy would be all fun and games, he went on to explain that he’d also prefer to remain ignorant about things like genocide. Just as a baby believes his mother has disappeared during a game of peek-a-boo, Johnson thinks bad things only happen if America is looking. If America would stay out of world affairs, there would be no more genocides. Simple.

“We always go in because there are atrocities being committed. Genocide being committed. These are horrible situations. But I can’t think of one example where we get involved where we make that horrible situation any better. In most cases, we make things worse.”

The irony in all this self-immolation on Johnson’s part is that a major sticking point in his campaign is that the debate commission won’t let him onto the debate stage with the two major candidates. He may want to consider it a gift. With every opportunity, Johnson has managed to prove that he’s an imbecile ill-prepared to answer even basic questions of policy.

Enjoy your protest votes, Gary. And please, for everyone’s sake, just stop talking.

Featured image via MSNBC

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