Five Questions Megyn Kelley Should’ve Asked The 2016 GOP Clown Car Candidates (HUMOR)

Chances are we’re just realizing that we watched the first episode of this summer’s worst or best  new comedy: Clown Car 2015. We all watched in horror as 10 complete and utterly unqualified lunatics all tried to oust the biggest unqualified lunatic of them all: Donald Trump.

If you had the misfortune of watching any of the 2012 GOP debates, you know how asinine and horrific the questioning can be. And since Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was selected to moderate the first episode of Clown Car 2015, we might expect the questions to be about their positions on Benghazi and tax cuts. Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to come up with a series of questions that make up today’s bat sh*tty Republican Party.

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Ten Questions Megyn Kelley Should’ve Asked The 2016 GOP Clown Car Candidates

1. We all know that God (and not you, Donald Trump) created the earth in roughly a week. However, it took President Obama 6 years to repair the economy. That said,  why is Obama such a lazy back guy?

2. I imagine that god urged each of you to run for president. But can you assure the American people that he asked you to run in English and not Spanish?

3. In your humble opinion (this excludes you, Donald Trump), do you prefer wasting the American people’s time trying to kill Obamacare or discussing Benghazi?

4. Are each of you going to use the same tired ideas of blaming the poor and middle class or will you come up with new ideas of crapping all over them?

5. How will you stop President Obama from invading America and causing disasters, which happened years before he was even born, when you become president?

Even if we can’t expect any of these questions to be asked (they should), we can surely expect each and every one of these miserably unqualified clowns o say anything and everything that appeases their Koch Brother sugar daddies. Well, except for Donald Trump; he has his own money to piss away.

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