Ashley Madison Leak Has Finally Happened: May Contain 1,500 U.S. .Gov And .Mil Addresses

According to The Hacker the much dreaded information they stole from the popular cheating site,, may be more of a concern to the upper levels of the government and military staff than we thought. As a person that feels that what happens in your bedroom is your own f*cking business, I am appalled at the leak. As a person who is, like most, just a little hungry to see the self righteous right-wing nut jobs eat crow… well I am on pins and needles.

politicians caught scandle

Ashley Madison, targeted website.

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Ashley Madison, whose tag line is “Life is short. Have an affair,” has had it’s guts spilled by pious hackers. I guess they must be pious, because they are pretty pissed at a site that is facilitating adultery. I don’t support breaking your vows. If you can’t keep it, get divorced or make different ones. Would I have gotten mad enough to steal, blackmail, and release the information if I didn’t get my way? No, because that is a level of trying to force others to live by my ethics that I just cannot rise to. Let’s be really honest, the people using this site may or may not have been breaking the law. The hacker group, however, did.

That said, buyer beware; if you are a government official, or any person in the public eye — you are always in the public eye. The source for the Hackers News article did not download the data, which is on the so-called “dark web,” which is only accessible to those with encrypted browsers, though I am sure that the names and emails will be rolling out soon. According to The Hackers News:

The leaked data includes personal details of nearly 36 Million Ashley Madison customers’ accounts, which includes:
  • Username
  • First and Last Names
  • Email addresses
  • Hashed passwords
  • Partial Credit Card data
  • Street Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Records documenting 9.6 Million Credit Card Transactions

No Mercy for You Cheaters!

The Impact Team stole the data from the popular cheating website last month and threatened the company to reveal all associated data of its 37 Million cheating customers unless the site for the marital affair was taken down.
The hackers leaked the data because Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, refused their demand to take down the site.

Do it our way or you will be shut down, says the Impact Team. In a way they feel like the self-appointed anti-porn police that crawl around Facebook and report butt cracks and nipples at every opportunity. I really don’t see how they can feel any sort of moral superiority though; having lied, stolen and blackmailed they are no better than the cheaters. Sins are sins, if you listen to the Christians, right?

The only difference, well this group may just have given us a very interesting list of people who may not want this information known. They continue on with this juicy tidbit, which many who don’t understand the dark web or hacking (like me…) may just not have read far enough to see.

US Government and Military Officials Won’t be Able to Sleep Tonight

Yes, the leaked data also include more than 15,000 e-mail addresses that are hosted on US government and military servers that uses the .gov and .mil top-level domains.

One online user also found a whole host of email addresses that appear to belong to members of the British government and posted on his Twitter account.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating this massive theft alongside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police, Avid Life Media said.

Well, now, I guess there is nothing like having top-ranked officials in a sex scandal to get some inter-agency/cross-border cooperation. This is not something new, but now that the information is out there, I can’t wait to get the list.

Here is the Young Turks on the subject:

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