WV Republican Lawmaker Says ‘I Don’t Care’ That New Abortion Bill Is Unconstitutional (IMAGE)

The West Virginia House passed a 20-week ban on abortions yesterday and a whole lot of stupid accompanied the vote. One lawmaker, Lynne Arvon (R-Profetusville) basically told her Twitter followers that the Constitution can suck it:


The quote was tweeted by Whitney Burdette, a Statehouse reporter who was following the debate yesterday for the Charleston Daily Mail. 

The constitutionality of the bill, HB 2568, has been a huge debate, as similar bills across the country make their way through the court system. The governor of West Virginia, Earl Ray Tomblin (D), vetoed a similar bill last year and called it unconstitutional.

Arvon is clearly not alone in not giving a crap if the bill is constitutional or not because Republicans know that it isn’t.

The ban would infringe on a woman’s right to abort within the timeframe deemed suitable by the Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade ruling. The court held that abortion is legal until the fetus becomes viable. The medical community is in agreement that fetuses are not viable prior to 24 weeks. Clearly a ban at 20 weeks is unconstitutional.

Funny. Don’t Republicans claim to worship the Constitution as much as — or more than — they love their cherry-picked Bible and penis extension guns?

Arvon wasn’t the only lawmaker making stupid comments yesterday, it was like a big bowl of stupid soup.

Last week Del. Brian Kurcaba said that pregnancies resulting from rape are “beautiful ” as he argued that rape victims shouldn’t be exempt from the ban. Yesterday Del. Saira Blair followed his disgusting lead and said that fetuses that are the product of rape shouldn’t be “punished“:

My heart truly goes out to [rape victims. However, it’s unfair to punish this innocent child who has done nothing wrong.

But it is totally fine to punish the victim of a traumatic sexual assault? Mmmmmkayyy.

The rape amendment did not make it through, but the 20-week abortion ban did. By passing the bill Republicans have proved that they do not care about women’s reproductive rights, the Constitution, and they are certainly not fiscally responsible. If the bill actually became a law it would immediately be challenged and cost the state millions of dollars in legal fees.

Well done, Republicans, well done (insert sarcasm).

Featured image a composite by Elisabeth Parker

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