Artist’s Unofficial Anthem For Bernie Sanders Is Going Viral

With over 17,000 views on YouTube in just a few days, singer/songwriter Makana’s unofficial Bernie Sanders Anthem, Fire Is Ours, is going viral. Capitalizing on the “Feeling the Bern” play on words, the singer’s goosebump-raising anthem encourages people to vote for Bernie.

Here is the music video, there are full lyrics at the conclusion of the article:


Fox News even took note of the singer’s moving tribute to Sanders, and interviewed Makana, a Hawaiian native, from Los Angeles about his quickly “catching” tune. Makana stated that he started “Feeling the Bern” last year, when he discovered that the message being shared by the Sanders campaign resonated with him, and the message that he, himself tried to convey with his music. So much so, in fact, that Makana spent $11,000 dollars of his own money to create the song and video.

When asked why he would spend that much money, and disrupt his “nice life in Hawaii,” to become embroiled in the “dirt of politics,” Makana replied:

Well, actually, you know, more than just an endorsement of Bernie, it’s a commentary that was fueled and inspired by my, really, my disgust with main stream news, and how they tend to fuel division and distract from the issues that I feel are important. So, as an artist, I don’t really consider it getting “involved in Politics” so much as creating art that is relevent.”

You can watch the full interview, here:


Here are the full lyrics of Fire is Ours:

I’ve been lied to. Misled.
Built up by what they said
Lifted only to be let down

I’ve been taken for a ride
Given power to decide
Only to find out I was wrong

But I’ve learned to tell the ones who fake it
From the few really fit to run

Just follow the money they’ve been takin’
And the truth will shine like the sun

I’m so tired of lies now babe
Don’t wanna compromise no way

And I feel the burn
For someone who can’t be bought
To back the man who’s fought
For the People of America

Color. Gender.
Who’s a bigger spender?
Party. Personality.

Soundbite. Get it right.
Entertain ’em, it’s a fight
Pick the one who most thinks like me

Don’t speak of any real solutions
It’s the shock appeal they’re looking for
Don’t criticize the institution
But I can’t take it anymore

Aren’t you tired of lies now baby?
It’s time for us to rise- no more maybe

And I feel the burn
For the truth to come across
To melt away the gloss
And reveal their motivations

And you’ll feel the burn
For integrity to lead
To focus on the needs
Of the People of America

Somebody’s tuggin’ at your heartstrings
Sayin’ what you wanna hear
But they’re just a pawn to the real kings
Playin’ upon your fear

The love of power is a puppet string
But can’t control the love we bring
The fire is ours
The hour is now
The tide is set to turn

And I feel the burn
To cast aside the chains
And salvage what remains
Of a dream worth defending

And you’ll feel the Bern
Standing up to greed
Word aligned with deed
Worthy President of America

Lyrics courtesy of BoingBoing

Feature image via screen capture 

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