Artist’s Painting Of Trump As A Huge Pile Of Sh*t Goes On Display In NYC (IMAGE)

For those of you not keeping count, so far Donald “Jacka$$” Trump has been made into a pinata, a butt plug, and most recently, a steaming pile of sh*t. Now, you might be quietly saying to yourself, “I thought Donald Trump was already a steaming pile of sh*t, so that seems kind of redundant.”

Thanks to Citizen’s United, we can no longer pretend that elections are anything but Koch-sucking affairs, in which candidates (mostly Republicans) race to get the most dark money in order to  level the opposition with baseless fulminations. Politics is utterly immature, and Donald Trump (and his sub-moronic base) aspires to be immature. Therefore, it’s only natural that some creative type would turn one of these egotistical a-holes into a heaping pile of sh*t

And can you think of a bigger egotistical a-hole than Donald Trump?

One artist, who shall be considered for some sort of award, has recently painted a giant mural of Donald Trump on the side of a wall in Manhattan. Titling his artwork “Tronald Dump,” the painting is exactly what is sounds like: Donald Trump as a huge pile of sh*t.

Tronald Dump. Photo via HanksyNYC

Tronald Dump. Photo via HanksyNYC

Well, that’s certainly one classy turd. 

It seems that Hanksy is popular for creating  pun-filled stencils and parody paintings, typically featuring movie star Tom Hanks. But this one of The Donald will surely get him a few more followers on Instagram.

Featured image via PopDust

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