Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Told Every Republican That It Is Their Patriotic Duty To ABANDON Trump

In the 24 hours or so since Donald Trump’s campaign went from trainwreck to thermonuclear holocaust, Republicans have been lining up to distance themselves from him. One of the latest to do so is the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The “Governator” was not the most successful nor popular executive in California history; in fact far from it. But he still enjoys immense popularity thanks more to his movie roles than for his political accomplishments. And, despite angering a good segment of the population in the Golden State with his policies, Schwarzenegger is popular with many Democrats as well, because while he is a member of the GOP, he’s not crazy. And frankly these days you can’t hope for much more than that from a Republican.

On Saturday afternoon Schwarzenegger tweeted his thoughts about the upcoming election, saying that for the first time since becoming an American citizen he would not be voting for the Republican presidential candidate.

The former Mr. Universe, who took over as host of Celebrity Apprentice following Trump’s departure, has never been a big fan of the billionaire. But apparently until the most recent revelations about Trump’s complete and total disrespect for women Schwarzenegger was ok with voting for him. Now that has changed.

Schwarzenegger has had his own issues with women, having been accused of fondling several women while working with them on movie sets some years ago. But those allegations were never proven, and when they came out in 2003, during the California governor’s campaign, Schwarzenegger denied them. More recently the former bodybuilder admitted to having an affair with his housekeeper, who gave birth to his son. And you could have predicted that a number of Trump’s “deplorables” have been busy on his Twitter thread, calling out Schwarzenegger for having glass house syndrome. But as usual those types can’t see the difference between a consensual affair, which may be wrong on a personal level, but not criminal, and a boast about repeated attempts at sexual assault, which is, of course, a criminal offense.

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