Armed Man With ‘KKK 4 Trump’ Sign Tries To Bite His Way Out Of A Trump Rally (VIDEO)

Protesters getting thrown out of Donald Trump’s events have become the norm, but last night’s rally in New Orleans was rowdy even by Trump standards. Protesters were ejected in more than half a dozen separate incidents throughout the night.

For the most part, the majority of the protesters were minorities, but one particular man who was finally tossed, wasn’t the average person protesting against Trump’s hatemongering rhetoric. This a**hole held a sign that said: “KKK 4 Donald Trump.”

As the scuffle began, another Trump supporter grabbed the man’s klan sign, but this bigot was so proud of his artwork that he chased the guy down. He appears to try to bite the man who stole his precious KKK sign, and tried to kick another. Finally, he snatched his wrinkled shredded sign back, clutching it to his chest.

As security was trying to get their hands on the crazed KKK loving man, others can be heard shouting to the officers that he had a gun. Finally, they got ahold of him and escorted him to the exit.

See the insanity play out for yourself here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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