Armed Hate Group Tries To Scare Muslim Worshipers In Texas, And This Is What Happens

Earlier this year, armed supporters of Ted Cruz decided to scare peaceful Muslim worshipers outside a mosque in Irving, Texas. Now, this group is back and working to terrorize the Islamic Association of North Texas, claiming that they fund terrorism. They call themselves the Bureau of American Islamic Relations (which is ridiculous, given that they see “relations” as intimidation and bullying), and they’re having to face an anti-hate group that is sick of their nonsense.

This counter-protest was supposed to have an attendance of 500, but even though they didn’t meet that goal, they still had more than 200 people there, proving that human beings trump hate and bigotry, even in Texas. A Methodist pastor taking part in the counter-protest even said:

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We reject the discrimination against our Muslim brothers and sisters, we reject racial profiling by anyone, and we stand together and say we are better united.

Bravo! We need people of all stripes to counter these right-wing bigots. Wright and his cohorts think Muslim extremists are everywhere, and feel the need to scare people in order to make their point that these phantom terrorists will not frighten them into submission. Wright clearly thinks any attention is good attention, even if it’s from the Muslims worshiping in these places. He said:

Nobody was listening to me two or three weeks ago — not one person. Now look, now look, now look how many people are now listening to me.

Hundreds of anti-hate protesters in Dallas and Irving have also turned out to shine an uncomfortable light on what they’re doing. He claimed that the Islamic Association in Richardson has a documented history of funding terrorism, but the Dallas Morning News was unable to find any evidence of that, save for blatantly false reports on right-wing propaganda sites.

Wright ultimately said that if he’s wrong, he’s wrong. What’s the harm in what he’s doing? Well, gee, where do we start with this? He’s intentionally frightening not just Muslims at these places, but also other people. He’s spreading hate and bigotry, and could incite violence against peaceful, innocent Muslims.

Here’s hoping the anti-hate groups can successfully counter what he’s doing. This obscene level of paranoia has got to stop somewhere.

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