Architect Screwed By Trump DESTROYS Trump’s Phony Love Of Small Business (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s entire existence is predicated on a a false image. Say what you will about Mitt Romney and some of his patrician policies, but at least Romney was a legitimate businessman. Donald Trump is just one big polished turd who publicly sells you a high-end camera, but it’s really just a box of styrofoam. Now that she has the Democratic nomination wrapped up (and Bernie Sanders’ endorsement), Hillary is zeroing in on Trump like the tanning bed radiation that hits his grotesque face.

Her campaign’s first goal is exposing Trump for the fake businessman he is. And to that end, the Clinton campaign unveiled a short video featuring an architect who says he was not paid in full by Trump after designing the clubhouse at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York. The idea is to portray Trump as a shady businessman who stiffs workers and damages small businesses.

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“He didn’t just take advantage of investors. He took advantage of working people as well,” Clinton said on Wednesday. “Painters, waiters, plumbers – people who needed the money they earned, and didn’t get it – not because Donald Trump couldn’t pay, but because he wouldn’t pay.”

That appears to be the case involving architect Andrew Tesoro, the man who designed the Trump National Gold Club. Tesoro says in his testimony that the clubhouse is also where he was told he would not be paid in full for his services.

“Here he is in the very ballroom where I got bullied out of many thousands of dollars, making promises that are just like the promises that he made to me and didn’t keep,” Tesoro said.

But Trump will most definitely continue hoodwinking his miserably uninformed and racist ilk with promises of golden border walls and policies geared towards the working class.

Watch the entire video below:

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