‘Architect’ Of Iraq War, Former Bush Official Says He Will ‘Likely’ Vote For Clinton

Like rats deserting a sinking ship, yet another Republican security official has refused to support the GOP’s candidate, Donald Trump. But this one is no feather in Hillary Clinton’s cap. Paul Wolfowitz is not a very popular fellow with those who know who he is and Clinton will probably not trumpet his support.

For those who don’t remember or were too young to be aware, Paul Wolfowitz was one of the guys who “made” the Iraq war. As a member of the Bush administration, Wolfowitz served as a deputy secretary of defense. He is sometimes known as the “architect of the Iraq war,” an appellation he feels is inaccurate:

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“If I had been the architect, a lot of these things would be different. As a matter of fact, I believed after 9/11, there was reason to get much tougher about the fact that Saddam was blocking the inspections for weapons of mass destruction. He was harboring terrorists. I thought that it was time to give Saddam an ultimatum…”

Ever the war monger, Wolfowitz’s ideas about the promotion of democracy in the Middle East have not changed since he was part of BushCo. But he did not believe that we should have occupied Iraq after the war. He feels that this was “a complete contradiction” which made the Iraqis suspect our intentions. Deep from the “no duh” files.

In his interview in the German magazine Der Spiegel, Wolfowitz laid out his concerns about Donald Trump. When asked if Trump is a security risk, Wolfowitz answered in the affirmative, explaining why he thinks so:

“He says he admires Putin, that Saddam Hussein was killing terrorists, that the Chinese were impressive because they were tough on Tiananmen Square. That is pretty disturbing… The only way you can be comfortable about Trump’s foreign policy, is to think he doesn’t really mean anything he says. That’s a pretty uncomfortable place to be in.”

He also pointed out that Trump’s apparent infatuation with Vladimir Putin is dangerous and wonders “where that would end up.” He also pointed out that the U.S.’s relationship with NATO — something Trump treats poorly — is “very important.” Their willingness to fight with us in Afghanistan is something that Wolfowitz acknowledges he never thought possible.

Then came the big question: Who will you vote for in November?

“I wish there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for. I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I have big reservations about her.”

For Wolfowitz, a member of the neoconservative Project For The New American Century to stray from his ideological stances (and personal feelings, probably) to vote for Clinton, is big news. We are seeing more and more Republicans — security specialists, economics advisers, military leaders — who understand foreign and domestic policy, refuse to support Trump and imply that they will vote for the Democratic candidate in November. The rest of the country really ought to listen to them.

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