‘Apprentice’ Alum Says Donald Trump Is Creating The Next Dylann Roof (VIDEO)

Former Apprentice star Kwame Jackson sat down with Don Lemon on Tuesday to discuss his former “boss.” Jackson had few kind words to say.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” Jackson said, “but what you’re not entitled to do is create a toxic environment that creates this whole poisonous ecosystem where people hear these dog whistles of ‘Mexicans are taking over, they’re all rapists, black people are out to get your money, your jobs, gay people are ruining traditional marriage.”

“All of those things,” Jackson said, “are corrosive dog whistles that create this toxic ecosystem that weak minded people act on. Dylann Roof, Tim McVeigh, those are people who hear those things and go out and have direct action and everyone says, ‘oh, I don’t know how that happened.'”

Here’s the video:

He went on to say that repeating those things with such vehemence, Trump is creating the next Dylann Roof or the next Tim McVeigh, but that when it explodes, Trump will take no blame.

Jackson appeared on The Apprentice in 2004. He was runner-up, but immediately after the show, job offers began rolling in. Trump rival Mark Cuban was the first to offer Jackson a job but he ended up working for himself, saying that, “It’s betting on yourself. It was never about ‘How do I get to work for Mr. Trump?’ I’m not trying to work for Trump — I’m trying to be Trump.” Now, he’s a successful entrepreneur and, fortunately, he failed at “being Trump.”

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture

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