Apple Flat Out REFUSES To Support GOP Convention Because Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Apple informed Republican leaders that it will not sponsor or provide any kind of support to their upcoming 2016 national convention this summer. The tech giant’s decision to break from its past partnership with the GOP is due to one man, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Apple cites Trump’s controversial comments about immigrants, minorities, and women as the main reason for their decision.

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The tech giant’s snubbing of the convention represents a growing division between the GOP and silicon Valley, over Donald Trump. Trump’s directed his venom toward the tech industry throughout the course of his campaign. And, at one time he called for a boycott of Apple products due to the company’s refusal to help the FBI break the encryption on one of its phones.

When asked about Apple’s snub, a GOP convention spokesperson said:

We are working with a variety of major tech partners who are focused on being part of the American political process.

Apple has yet to comment on this story, and it’s unclear if the tech giant plans to sponsor and/or support the Democratic national convention this summer. Apple provided about $140,000 in MacBooks and other gadgets to both the Republican and Democratic conventions in 2008. The company also allowed both conventions to borrow some products in 2012.

By removing itself from the GOP convention this year, Apple joins a growing list of tech companies who have taken a stand against Donald Trump. Here’s a list of companies that have announced that they would either scale back or withhold funding for the GOP convention:


MetLife Inc.


Hewlett Packard Inc.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.



Wells Fargo & Co.

Ford Motor Co.



Many activist groups are pressuring more companies to join the list and send a message to the Republican party.

We want them to divest from hate. We want them to pull all their money and support,” said Mary Alice Crim, field director for Free Press Action Fund, which is part of the anti-Trump campaign. Tech companies backing the convention, she said, need to be “thinking hard about where they put their brand, and whether they want to align their brand with racism, hatred and misogyny.

So far Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are still on board as sponsors for the convention, but Apple’s decision is a major statement as to how toxic the GOP’s nominee has become beyond the realm of politics.

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