Anti-Union Scott Walker Spends Labor Day Weekend Making Hypocritical A** Of Himself (VIDEO)

Scott Walker has had a tough few weeks. He’s been nose-diving in the polls, and according to Politico, has been called the biggest loser of the summer by some political insiders within his own party. According to a GOPer from Iowa:

He can’t seem to find his way on any given issue with a handheld GPS. He’s been on all three sides of every two-sided issue. For the last two months hasn’t made a single policy pronouncement that he or his staff hasn’t had to clarify or clear up within two hours. When you’re reduced to saying ‘yeah’ doesn’t mean ‘yes,’ you’re in trouble. ‘Unintimidated’ has given way to ‘uninformed’ and ‘unprepared.’

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, but Walker rallied the best way he knows how.

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Scott Walker, ‘biggest loser of the summer’ celebrates Labor Day weekend with anti-union tweets and a Harley motorcycle.

Scott Walker decided to start the weekend off with tweets like these:

Scott Walker Tweet

Next, Walker continued the celebration of  Labor Day and freedom by riding a Harley-Davidson in a motorcycle tour through the battleground state of New Hampshire. When the cameras turned on, he couldn’t help but go through his version of the guy-next-door you want to be president checklist. He revs his engine, mentions freedom, god, and drinking.

It’s all about freedom. In a state where obviously the motto is ‘live free or die.’ It’s what a lot of us think about riding motorcycles. It’s just the ultimate sense of freedom out there. I think more Americans want leaders who are going to focus on making sure they have more of their god-given freedoms in the first place.

The problem? Harley-Davidson bikes are union-made.

In a point beautifully summed up by Bloomberg:

While it may seem natural for a Wisconsin governor to tout the product of a company headquartered in his state, there are ironies in Walker’s embrace. Harley’s success has been helped by two entities that the budget hawk has built his reputation battling: government and labor unions.

Since 2000, the motorcycle manufacturer has benefited from $54.5 million in local and state subsidies and more than $2 billion in federal liquidity support, according to Good Jobs First, a group in Washington that monitors business incentives.

This isn’t the first time Walker has been seen talking about Harleys. He’s even had events at their dealerships. However, the fact that he chooses Labor Day to bring his anti-union message and love for union-made bikes forward is brimming with irony.

After his ride, this showed up on Twitter:

Via Twitter

Yes, the freedom to get paid less in money and benefits for more work. Because nothing says freedom to Scott Walker like taking away collective bargaining power before jumping on something help made by that power.

Watch GOP candidate Scott Walker, idiot and hypocrite, make a fool of himself below:


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