Anti-LGBT Protester Gets A** Handed To Him When Confronted By Transgender Shopper (VIDEO)

In the weeks since department store chain Target announced that they would follow a policy that permits everyone to use the restroom which matches their gender identity, right-wing groups have been on a 24/7 freakout over the decision. This freakout has featured several protesters going into Targets and yelling about the policy, usually until store security throws them out. But one Target protester encountered one of the subjects of his protest who wasn’t about to take his bullshit without fighting back.

The video begins with the man walking down the aisle of a Target store shouting, “Come to Target, they let transgender people in the bathroom!”

He quickly gets confronted by a transgender shopper who says, “And you know what? There’s a transgender person right here, so you can just keep on walking!”

“Shame on you, Target!” the man shouts. “You know you shouldn’t let a grown man into little kids’ bathroom!”

“Trans women aren’t men, you asshole, they’re women,” the shopper replies.

During his rant the protester reveals that he knows little to nothing about transgender people, as he conflates them with homosexuals. He also blames transgender citizens for several recent incidents that involved men going into women’s restrooms. He yells about pedophilia, a popular complaint from those who are upset over transgender women using women’s bathrooms, ignoring the fact that pedophiles also prey on little boys (and have nothing to do with being trans).

It doesn’t take long for store employees and security to ask the man to leave. But he keeps ranting about homosexuality and pedophilia as they escort him to the door. “Jesus Christ was not friends with any homos! I’m sorry to tell you guys that!” he yells at one point.

After telling security guards that he will sue them if they touch him, one employee points out that he is trespassing, which gives them the right to physically remove him if necessary. “What about the pedophiles, huh?” the man asks.

Throughout the entire four minutes of the video, most of the shoppers the man encounters simply ignore him, going about their business. It’s not clear what kind of support he thinks that he or other protesters would get, considering that many if not most of the people shopping at Target are probably familiar with the bathroom policy, and they are not participating in the boycott.

As they reach the door, the man gets in one final shot. “You guys are sick!” he says. And running around Target, screaming at the top of your lungs isn’t?

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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