Anti-Choice Dr. Ben Carson Actually OPPOSES Certain Anti-Abortion Procedures

Dr. Ben Carson is very nutty on many issues, and he’s hardly a pro-choice advocate. However, there is one area where he’s showing a surprising glimmer of sanity. The alleged “abortion reversal” pill, which prompted both Arizona and Arkansas to pass laws requiring doctors to inform their patients they can reverse medication abortions, is something that Dr. Carson just cannot get behind at all.

According to ThinkProgress, Dr. Carson believes in the scientific method, and simply said to them:

Generally speaking, the scientific method requires accumulating data, accumulating evidence and making sure that it’s statistically significant.

ThinkProgress notes that Dr. George Delgado, who developed the abortion reversal pill, had an absurdly small sample size, and also did not have a control group in his study. The CDC likened his “study” to simple anecdotes, and some have said that women could very likely avoid a miscarriage simply by not taking the second pill of the course for the medication abortions.

Ben Carson has called abortion “human sacrifice,” according to The Washington Times, and believes the U.S. will receive “great blessings from God” for outlawing abortions. We have to ask, though, where were those great blessings when abortion was outlawed? What about the women who sought to have one and ended up with severe health problems, or were killed? Some probably think they deserved whatever hell they got, since they were the ones who sought to kill children in the first place.

According to Life News, Carson believes that it’s not the government that gets to decide whether we’re a Judeo-Christian nation. He believes that decision should be left up to the people, which could mean that he believes the people ought to decide whether we’re a “pro-life” nation or not.

Unfortunately, this smacks of an attitude similar to Mike Huckabee’s, which says that the courts’ opinions are only opinions, and it’s up to the legislative branch, the executive branch and the people whether they want to abide by those opinions (what happens if they don’t?). Oddly, this argument only seems to come out when there are decisions these guys don’t like. If it’s a decision they agree with, they cheer it because the government and the people must follow it.

Despite all of that, it’s surprising to hear this bit of sanity from Carson. It’s true that the abortion reversal method is nothing more than anecdotes, and something that might just happen anyway if a woman doesn’t take the second abortion pill. It’s even worse that Arizona and Arkansas have jumped on something so unproven and are forcing doctors to inform their patients of this “treatment.” Maybe someone in the GOP clown car opposing this method will help stop more states from doing this.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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