Anti-Choice Alveda King Claims Terrorists Have Many Babies While Praying For Us To Have Abortions

You might think that the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. would support the rights of all Americans. You could be forgiven for thinking this, based on her lineage. Sadly, you’d be wrong. Alveda King is a virulently anti-choice activist, minister, and Fox News contributor, which should tell you all you need to know.

Jim Bakker, though, we know about. His current gig is selling survivalist gear and food on his web show. He also has guests who help sell those items by scaring Bakker’s viewers. To that end, he recently had Alveda King on his show. King chose to instill fear by way of condemning abortion:

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Islamic terrorists pray that Americans will continue to abort our babies, so that we will diminish. And as they come in, they’re going to have 10, 15, 20 babies, so they want us to continue to decrease our population so that they can increase, just by sheer numbers… So they say, ‘Abort your babies, oh yeah!’ They’ll even act like it’s okay, but they’ll say, ‘Oh no, we’re not aborting ours.’

We are doing anything but diminishing. Census numbers show that the U.S. population has grown consistently since the 1970s. And, while Muslims do tend to have large families, so do Catholics and Mormons. Currently, Muslims make up about 1% of the U.S. population. Their population has remained pretty steady because two out every ten American Muslims don’t follow that faith anymore.

All of this information is but a few keystrokes away. But Alveda King doesn’t let pesky things like facts get in her way. That’s why she still pushes the nonsense that black Americans have been “targeted” for abortions and sterilization. This was a favorite of Ben Carson during his bizarre, stunted presidential campaign.

To listen to Alveda King, everything went bad for America after Roe v. Wade. Yes, before 1973, America was perfect. Nobody had abortions and that was great. Well, not exactly but that helps her sleep at night. Also before 1973, King asserts, fewer blacks had strokes and heart attacks:

You know, prior to ‘73, certainly in the black community, there were less [sic] strokes, heart attacks and all that thing, after ‘73, with all that, the numbers went up in every community but certainly in the black community because abortion is connected to strokes, heart attacks, depression, drug addiction and on and on.

So… all the health problems that can happen to African-Americans is due to abortion? She can’t really be implying this, can she? Not with so many other factors in play: environment, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and (yes) genetics. Not when blacks, on the whole, get diagnosed later and seldom get the treatment they need. Not when the price of prescription drugs that treat these problems cost more than poorer patients can afford. Not when fresh fruit and vegetables are miles away from the food deserts in which most black Americans live.

Discounting all these other factors is just stupid. But when you have an agenda like Alveda King does, nothing else matters. That’s just fine with Jim Bakker. Anything that will help him sell his survivalist stuff is fine with him. So he lets Alveda King spout “facts” she pulls out of someplace dark, that can be fact-checked with ease. He lets her stoke fear in those who watch his show, mostly old people and far-right wingnuts. The former really don’t need to be scared all the time and the latter can tune to Drudge or Infowars for their fear fix.

Muslims are not praying for us to have abortions. They have other things on their minds, like being murdered on their own front porch. Or having their mosque vandalized or burned down. They have their own problems to deal with. It would be a wonderful world if everyone would just understand that.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

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