Another Sex Scandal For Clarence Thomas? Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Loved Three-Ways (VIDEO)

There’s a movie coming to HBO about the hearings surrounding Clarence Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court. Confirmation tells the story of allegations made by Anita Hill, a former assistant to the Judge, of sexual harassment by Thomas. In fact, the hearings added that term to our national lexicon. Ms. Hill’s claims that Thomas tried to get Hill to have sex with him were unheeded and, in some cases (mostly by conservatives who drooled at having Thomas on the SCOTUS), ridiculed. Thomas was confirmed by a 52-48 vote and we’ve since seen why conservatives were overjoyed to have him on the Court.

Twenty-five years later, another woman has come forward with claims of sexual impropriety on Justice Thomas’ part. Lillian McEwen, who was Thomas’ girlfriend for seven years, says there was something extraordinary about that relationship. In an interview with Inside Edition this week, she made some startling allegations of her own:

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We had a relationship that included threesomes. He recruited women that he worked with for participation in those threesomes.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with threesomes. There’s nothing wrong with recruiting from one’s place of employment — legally. Ethically is a whole ‘nother matter. And if the person doing the recruiting is in a position of authority, that is really, most sincerely unethical.

Of course, “ethics” is not a word one associates with Clarence Thomas. In 2011, there were calls for him to resign as various connections and improprieties came to light. Thomas’ wife, Virginia, founded a conservative think tank called Liberty Central. The main goal of this group was to stop healthcare reform and climate change legislation. Gee, I wonder who funds them?

Thomas has also been connected to a Dallas developer named Harlan Crow. Mr. Crow has been extraordinarily generous to the Thomases, gifting them with a yacht, a plane and a vacation estate in the Adirondacks. Crow also paid for a museum honoring Thomas, at the Justice’s request. Very unethical.

As if that weren’t enough, Thomas took gifts from the American Enterprise Institute when that body was involved in three cases that came before the Supreme Court. Thomas refused to recuse himself from any of them.

Those improprieties should have been enough to get Thomas impeached and there are, in fact, at least four petitions asking for exactly that. If these allegations prove to be true — and, let’s note that Ms. McEwan has just released a book — then conservatives should start asking for his impeachment, too. Because, family values.

Unless they are hypocrites, of course…

Here’s the report from Inside Edition:

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