Another Peaceful Anti-Trump Protester Brutally Punched And Kicked At ‘Safest Place On Earth’ (VIDEO)

During a Trump rally at Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, another peaceful anti-Trump protester was viciously assaulted by a mob of Donald Trump supporters.

A cell phone video posted to YouTube shows a man wearing a dark blue shirt and waving a bright red sign being pushed and pulled before falling to the ground, where he was kicked and punched by surrounding Trump supporters.

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As he was being beaten, the protester struggled to hold up his sign defiantly while the crowd chanted “USA” with a bloodlust reminiscent of the days of barbaric Roman Colosseum spectacles.

After a few seconds, security came in and rescued the man and escorted him out of the building. On his way out, the young man seemed physically shaken, but still held his head high while holding up his sign.

“People got to realize that just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you can punch people,” Silver Spring Police Chief Chris Raubenstine told PennLive.

Violence is not a new phenomenon at Trump rallies. The GOP presidential candidate often jokes and encourages his supporters to use violence. Back in April, during an event in Syracuse, New York, Trump spent a few minutes mocking a handful of protesters during his speech.

Trump described his rallies as a “safe” and “fun” place where his supporters “love” and “protect” each other.

“Does anybody have more fun than at a Trump rally?” Trump said as protesters were escorted out. “And I’ll tell you something, the safest place on Earth is at a Trump rally. You know why we’re safe? Because the people in these rooms…the people love each other and they protect each other and that’s the way the country has to be for everybody.”

According to officials, the unnamed protester — who refused medical treatment and declined to file charges — told police he “did what he wanted to get done.”

Raubenstine said the protester could still file charges at a later date if he changes his mind.

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