Another New York Politician Caught in Twitter Scandal Involving Adult Film Star

Democrat Steve Bellone, a Suffolk County politician, was recently caught “following” an adult film star on Twitter.

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His account had been following Belle Knox for an unknown amount of time which was reported on by the New York Post. Belle Knox is famous for having starred in adult films in order to pay her way through Duke University. She was outed by a male student who watched her movies and recognized her.

Bellone has fervently denied this and claims that his twitter account was “hijacked.” He is a married father of three who is up for reelection next year.

Although this may or may not be a case of hacking, it brings to mind another New York politician infamous for his Twitter debacle. Anthony Weiner became famous in 2011 when he tweeted a picture of his clothed crotch to the world. It was supposed to have been a private tweet, he accidentally sent it out publicly. This led to investigators finding evidence of online dalliances which took his political career on a downward spiral.

According to spokesman Vanessa Baird-Streeter

County Executive Bellone’s Twitter account, which is operated by his staff, has been hacked and an obscene Twitter account was subsequently followed

His office has filed an official complaint with Twitter and the staff that manage the Twitter account have instituted stricter internet security protocols.

Suffolk County Police are investigating the matter.

H/T: Talking Points Memo | Image via Wikipedia Commons 

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