Anne Coulter’s Twitter Defense Of Muslim Ban Brings Out The Bigot Brigade(TWEETS)

Anne Coulter has quite the reputation as a brazen sycophant to the right-wing’s most extreme candidates. Trump is such a succulent specimen of (failed) leadership that the witless pundit has been a very vocal supporter of him – even as his fascist platform became so clear his own party has begun rejecting him. Her simplistic and mistaken tweet defending his latest fiasco, a total “Muslim Ban,” reminds us that she really isn’t capable of critical thinking – something her fans are pretty damn short on too.

It is a little confusing, right off the bat, for anyone to accept this excuse at face value. Iranians are citizens of Iran, and as such are considered a part of that country. Muslims are not citizens of Islam, as NEITHER is a place – the false Islamic State group is not a place, there is no centralized Muslim Government. Unless you think Catholics are Citizens of the Vatican, not their home country, it is LUDICROUS, laughable, and intensely ignorant to believe that Muslims, from all over the world including here in America, are somehow a country or a race.

Screen capture from Twitter

Screen capture from Twitter

That, however, doesn’t seem to phase Coulter’s imbecilic followers from either believing that “Muslim” is a place, or that Muslims are somehow citizens of their faith or part of a single race. Or even worse, that it doesn’t matter if they are or not – as one of Trump’s Spokespeople said recently “So what? They are Muslim.”coulter tweet 2

Even logic and the Constitution don’t matter to these people. I suppose none of them realize that Muslim citizens of the United States traveling abroad would also fall under this ban? coulter tweet 3

Nothing seems to rile these people more than the mention of Muslims, except maybe the mention of Benghazi…coulter tweet 4

The tea must be shrinking their conservative brains because it seems that no matter what, they really can’t tell the difference between a RELIGION and a PLACE. coulter tweet 5

This nuclear blast of ignorance isn’t even surprising coming from Coulter and her bigot brigade, who’s reputation for intolerance and Christian Supremacy is well known, but the poison is in her misdirection – leading fundamentalist conservatives to believe their hatred and fear is legal, rational and normal.

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