Ann Coulter’s Response To Criticism For Denying Dreamer’s Hug? FAT SHAMING (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter’s blatant refusal to hug immigration activist and Dreamer, Gaby Pacheco, Tuesday, certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. A video of the exchange during a Q&A following an interview promoting Coulter’s upcoming book has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, online. You can see a copy of that, below:

After first dismissing Pacheco’s request for a hug by flippantly mentioning having “the worst flu [she’s] ever had,” Coulter was forced to flat out say, “No,” after Pacheco requested a second time, saying:

It’s okay. This undocumented immigrant who has lived in this nation for almost 22 years wants to, as a sign of my humanity and yours, recognize you and say, ‘Can I give you a hug?’

Coulter was forced to tersely reply:

No, let’s get on with the question.

Coulter was “forced” to say no because of everything she and her platform stand for. She can’t afford to be seen hugging an illegal immigrant. That’s not who she is. She cannot ride her crazy right-wing audience into prosperity by recognizing people’s humanity, much less an illegal immigrant’s. No, Coulter is no longer a person. She is a product, devoid of humanity. Humanity is beside the point to her. You can read more about that, here.

But now that the exchange has made its way around the Internet and enough people have voiced their distaste for Ann Coulter and her barren sense of decency over the matter, some are seeking a response from the media curmudgeon to see what she thinks of people disapproving of her willingness to acknowledge not only Pacheco’s humanity, but her own. Instead of acknowledging anyone’s humanity, though, Coulter showed once again just how salty she can be with a fresh wound, telling Breitbart via email:

When I’m in charge of immigration (after our 10 year moratorium), I will not admit overweight girls.

Just when you thought Ann Coulter couldn’t be any more repugnant a person, just when you thought you’d learned to catch that bit of vomit that leaps into the back of your throat and claws at the base of your tongue whenever you see her face or hear her voice, she spins you around and makes you blow chunks of disgust all over every resident and staff member of your grandma’s retirement community by jabbing Pacheco once more with a fat-shaming joke. Coulter calls Pacheco “overweight” and says she wouldn’t let her into the U.S. despite Pacheco living in and contributing to the United States peacefully for the last 22 years, and achieving quite a lot along the way. Pacheco also helped lead the “Trail of DREAMs” in 2010, walking 1,500 miles from Miami, Florida, to Washington, D.C. in order to raise awareness to the plight and circumstances of immigrants in America.

But Coulter is saying, Not only will I not hug her because I refuse to recognize her humanity following an interview where I shit all over the Mexican people and government, but I also won’t hug you because you’re an illegal alien. Oh, and you’re also fat. Fatty! NO FATTIES!

It’s blatant as all hell that this woman is nothing more than a shallow, privileged war-monger willing to shit on and kill whoever to maintain American dominance so she can reign as high as possible in her ivory white tower of systemic racism and class warfare so that she feels powerful and important. It’s not about the country. Ann Coulter is a narcissist in patriot’s clothing – Skeletor in a Nelson Twins wig. And if you don’t know her password you better get the hell out of Grayskull.

To go from publicly spitting on the face of another’s humanity to making fun of their body and weight like a seventh grader who only just recently took a blind leap away from fart jokes and ended up landing, desperate and grasping in the dark, on fat jokes, shows exactly what caliber integrity and maturity Coulter operates at. And it makes her a far uglier person than anyone “overweight” who maintains their humanity ever will be.

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