Ann Coulter Says Trump’s Affair With Marla Maples Was Sanctioned By God

Despite the supposed separation of church and state, religion and politics in the United States are clearly intertwined, and that has never been more obvious than in the current campaign season. Glenn Beck has pronounced Ted Cruz to be anointed by God to save the constitution, and fellow right wing nutjob Ann Coulter has declared Trump to be a servant of God sent to save America.

Now, Coulter has even decided that God sanctioned Trump’s extramarital affairs.

Coulter appeared on the The Eric Metaxas Show and praised the Republican frontrunner for being drug and alcohol free. (Apparently she is choosing to ignore rumors that Trump has spent decades tweaked out on amphetamines.)

Metaxas interrupted to point out that, “His vice of choice was adultery.” To which Coulter replied “allegedly.” She then went on to explain how God was a-okay with Trump cheating on his wife and breaking one of his Ten Commandments.

You know where he met Marla Maples?” Coulter asked, speaking of Trump’s mistress while he was married to Ivana, who eventually became Mrs. Trump the sequel after he divorced his first wife. “You know where he met her? I haven’t really followed his personal story very closely but he met her in church.

People magazine said that this story is bogus, though, claiming that the two met in Atlantic City at a tennis match in 1985. They say that by “1987, during services at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, Trump was secretly romancing Maples as he found ways to temporarily ditch Ivana and their kids.”

Coulter though has her own version that of course exonerates the bigoted billionaire from any real wrongdoing in her eyes.

He kept going to some, like, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, kept meeting Marla Maples there, got to know her as a friend and at some point he apparently went to the pastor and said, ‘I think I’m in trouble, I’m falling in love with this woman,’ and then he did marry her.

Coulter goes on to explain that Trump cheating on his wife isn’t the same as when other politicians have “sleazy” affairs.

There are degrees of murder, there are degrees of adultery,” she quipped. “It’s not his strongest point, oh well. He’s the only one who’s going to build the wall.

Coulter isn’t going to let some little thing like the fact that Trump can’t keep his zipper up distract her from the important things in this election. Priorities, folks. We need to focus on that big beautiful wall to keep all those rapey Mexicans out.

Listen to Coulter’s for yourself here. (Her comments on God sanctioning Trump’s affair begin around 13:30)

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