Ann Coulter: Father Of Slain Soldier Is A ‘Snarling Muslim’ (VIDEO)

It seems that there is no low that the infamous Ann Coulter, darling to hatemongering fundamentalist right-wingers, won’t stoop to in her quest to drag the country back to the bad-old-days. In an interview with Australian commentator Andrew Bolt on Monday, Coulter decided to call the father of an American war hero a “snarling Muslim.”

“I don’t know America very well if they want to listen to a snarling Muslim lecture them and tell us we’re not allowed to have opinions on important public policy issues unless we had a son die in Iraq.”

Coulter is well known for her theatrical and disturbing, unconstitutional, beliefs surrounding America, her often bonkers support of Donald trump and being a categorically nasty human being. So, when the Austrailian Bolt expressed that he didn’t think it was right that Donald Trump criticised the parents of a “soldier who died in battle,” it was not surprising that Coulter disagreed vehemently.

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She blamed the media for attacking Trump, not Trump for attacking the family of a fallen American Soldier who love this nation. Of course, because one stood up for the constitution, had to struggle to earn the title “American” and sacrificed his own son for our country; the other stood up for bigotry.

Coulter hates Muslims, obviously, and anyone that isn’t exactly like her draws her criticism. But this latest moment in which she attempts to speak for “Americans” while attacking the family of a man who actually gave his life for us is one of the most telling.

In two words, Coulter endeavours to demote Khizr Kahn from American gold-star father to little more than an animal. There is clearly only one “animal” here, but that is beside the point. What matters here is the fact that this woman holds Kahn’s religion above his citizenship, and sacrifice.

The fact is that the Kahn family didn’t hold their religion above their citizenship. They understand this country and the sacrifice that it takes to have such a great nation at a level that the whiny, petty, Coulter could never grasp.

Kahn never said you had to have a child die to have an opinion. His opinion, however, may have a little more weight than someone’s who attended boarding school and equated that with having been in the military.

It is pretty clear, Coulter doesn’t know America very well. That “snarling Muslim,” to the rest of us, is an American citizen.

Watch the exchange here:

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