Ann Coulter Encourages ‘A Little More Violence’ At Trump Rallies

Trump surrogate and professional hater Ann Coulter, who recently seemed to sever ties with Fox News, tweeted that she would like to see the “innocent” Trump supporters inflict just a “little bit more violence” on Constitutionally protected protesters who disrupt Trump rallies.

Coulter tweeted, specifically:

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Fallowed by:

Coulter couldn’t be more wrong. Trump supporters aren’t manly. Like their messiah, they are weaklings who are scared by any dissent, even constitutionally protected dissent. While Trump supporters sucker punch, shove and kick protesters, his surrogates are now, in full force, advocating violence.

And everyone knows what Ann means when she says “hoodlums.” It’s the new “thug” now that thug has become synonymous with the N-word. Republicans, like their revisionist history, keep changing words to fit their racist mantra.

And what an insult to the Marine Corps. Comparing them to Trump supporters is the lowest thing one can do. The fact that it comes from Ann Coulter shouldn’t surprise anyone.

After besting Marco Rubio in his home state of Florida, Trump looks to be coasting into the nomination. With his stature growing and his fan base increasing amongst already hostile Republicans, more violence may be what we see.

After insulting Hispanics with her tweet about the Democratic debate, former Congressman John Dingell summed up exactly how we all feel:

It doesn’t get any better than that. For Coulter’s part, she better hope Trump supporters don’t get (more) violent. Now we know who to point the finger at if they do.

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